Tot Town EC-201/MEC-201

  • Tot Town

The Tot Town is traditional post and deck structure that meets standards for both 2-5 year and 6-23 month age groups. It's whimsical roof provides shade, which ASTM recommends for play spaces for children 6-23 months. The roof will feature a leaf pattern in the natural color option and star pattern in the playful color option. The structure features a BigWheel panel, flowerbox panel, tot slide and ground access stairs.  The Tot Town is also available in wood: EC-201

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  • Specs

    Age Groups: 2-5 or 6-23 months
    Use Zone: 24'6" x 17'0"
    Fall Height: 2'6"
    Activities: 3
    Capacity: 10-12
    Weight: 1242 lbs

  • Green Summary

    Recycled Content: 74%
    Milk Jugs: 6,000
    Scrap Metal: 155 lbs
    Wood Option: 77% FSC content

Kinder Crossing

Model Number: MEC-009
Age Groups: 6-23 months
Use Zone: 17’6” x 15’0”
Fall Height: 10"
Activities: 5
Capacity: 8

Toddler Pull-up Bar

Model Number: EC-017/MEC-017
Age Groups: 6-23 months
Use Zone: 4'6" x 0'11"
Fall Height: ground level
Activities: 1
Capacity: 2-4

Bead Sensory Box

Model Number: MEC-227
Age Groups: 6-23 months
Use Zone: 48” x 16” x 21”
Fall Height: N/A
Activities: 1
Capacity: 2-3