Unity BT-1118-1/MBT-1118-1

The Unity is packed with a variety of climbing opportunities at many levels. Suitable for areas where some shade coverage is desired, the large platforms feature roofs with access via a Tunnel Crawl and quiet spaces underneath with PlayShell Seats.

Accessible Scoop Digger

Model Number: EC-129A
Age Groups: 2-5 years
Use Zone: 5’6” x 2’9”
Fall Height: N/A
Activities: 1
Capacity: 1

Handring Maze

Model Number: BT-366/MBT-366
Age Groups: 5-12 years
Use Zone: 27’0” x 18’0”
Fall Height: 6’11”
Activities: 1
Capacity: 10-12

SkyGame 5 Rail

Model Number: BT-786/MBT-786
Age Groups: 5-12 years
Use Zone: 22’0” x 29’6”
Fall Height: 6’9”
Activities: 1
Capacity: 6-8